He was as ravenous as a bear.

I'm just trying to get you do what you said you'd do.


I felt bad, so I was admitted into the hospital. However, it turned out that there was nothing really wrong with me.

Saul is a crypto-fascist.

I go to any party I am invited to.


I couldn't wait another second.


No, that is not normal.

See if the gas is turned off.

There is bad weather. There it's cold and raining.

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The manager wants the report rewritten using the new format.

Intel gets a huge royalty from the invention.

I was sure we could trust Subra.

I guess it's possible.

My work is very important.


Tao can read Egyptian hieroglyphs.


Kamiya has been a gentleman.

Are you having any difficulty sleeping?

Dan checked into a hotel in London.

She buckled down to her work.

That's not what happened here.

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The weather was perfect.

He put new film into his camera.

Kusum has a big crush on Syun.

I couldn't make head or tail of it.

We had better save our time and money.


She wakes him up every day at 6:30.


That will be put in order.

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I think they like us.

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This temple is said to have been built over 500 years ago.

Hurry up, the summer is almost over...

He felt something touch his shoulder.

The bear has a short tail.

Is now a good time to talk?

I've never delivered a baby.

It sounds like everyone is asleep.

It'll surely rain today.

Have you been mistreated?

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Electric irons are heated by electricity.


This can happen once.

She helped her younger brother finish his picture.

Only a miracle may get him out of it.

I might tell her everything.

I am surprised that she should have changed so much.

The people who reside here are our friends.

I thought you guys were planning on coming to my party.

Even the sky cries for us!

He killed the old lady just for kicks.

Do you have any idea why?

I think he's too shy to talk to you.

I'd like to read your new book.

It's been predicted for 2 months.


What does he need?

Izumi says he hasn't been sleeping well.

Can I talk to you about them?


Brandy hitchhiked across the country.

O.K. I'm glad you could come.

They don't get along.

Taking advantage of the holidays, I returned home to Nagoya.

He can run the fastest in his class.


I'll give it a whirl.

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In 2003, Niue became the first "Wi-fi" nation in the world.

That looks like a lot of fun.

It's time for us to do something about that.


To the best of my recollection, Steven used to hang out mostly with Jerry up until the day he met Joseph.

In an almanac you can find information about the phases of the moon.

He was so drunk, his explanations were nonsensical.

Can you explain it better?

She advised him to leave earlier.

I have to visit her.

Spyros doubted that Christopher would call back.


Jeanne hid the knife he'd killed Bertrand with in John's bedroom.

Keep your purse and your mouth closed.

The Norman's guard is impassable.

Petroleum priced coal out of the energy market in Japan.

There was a weak earthquake toward dawn this morning.

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A pretty waitress waited on us.

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I'm sure Arthur is disappointed.

They won't allow it.

Canada has signed a trade agreement with the European Union.

I didn't follow orders.

She took a look at the dress.

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I promised my parents I wouldn't drink.


Marcia thought that was amusing.

She works at Hooters.

Amigo said Jingbai's perfume reminded him of his mother.

I have dropped the matter for now.

We'll let him decide.

She feels hurt.

Angela needs some time.


He is capable of treachery.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news.

The conference ended at five.

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Sugih asked me who I thought would win the race.

Let me die.

I'd like to put some money into my account.

Hamilton removed his sunglasses.

Please throw the ball to me.

Barbra had trouble getting online.

Marek favorite saying is "You can't put two saddles on one horse."

If only I'd sold that property during the economic bubble, I wouldn't have suffered such a big loss.

I met up with a couple of good old friends.

This glue does not adhere to plastic.

The girls came singing toward the crowd.

My back hurts because I've been fishing all day.

They charged me for the broken window.

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I remember seeing the gentleman before.

You revealed your feelings.

I ain't worried about what he might say.


Please turn on the light so I can see.

I don't feel so hot today.

Sunil said he didn't think Irving had a driver's license.

I lost sight of my friends.

He promised not to tell another lie.

Do fries go with that shake?

No one expected Clara to arrive on time.

Have you already decided what to do next Sunday?

This information must not fall into enemy hands.


Firefighters are trying desperately to reach the scene of the accident. Let's hope they arrive before it's too late!


The man held on to his job stubbornly and would not retire.

I mentioned it to him.

Piotr is passionate, isn't he?

Maybe there's something wrong.

Don't get so nervous there is a plenty of time to answer all the questions.

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How long do you think it'll take me to get to Boston?

How thin is too thin?

They were both naked.


Are you sleepy?


This town gave to great men.

That store sells meat and fish.

Tammy's phone number has changed.


That would be impossible.


I speak a little Spanish.

Eventually, he changed his mind.

How do I look tonight?


I tore my jacket on a nail.

I'm still riveted by day-long sports.

They have nothing in common with us.

Dimetry didn't see Clyde anywhere.

We've got our work cut out for us.

Thanks for rescuing me.

She's a cunning linguist.


I'm a holder of ABC Travel Insurance.

He's annoyed because she always gets there late.

Stop looking at me like that!

I figured you might be hungry by now.

We're going to need more room.

The population of the region dropped precipitously over the last decades, which prompted action by the local authorities to promote higher birth rates and attract immigration.

I'm not related to her.

I saw an old friend of yours this afternoon.

Miles didn't feel he could do what Wilson was asking him to do.

That, what she said, sounds strange.

I'm sure Honzo dreams.

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You wouldn't last a day there.

What made you contact her?

And what if your son was like that?

He should have been rich: he had a rich man's tastes.

I don't believe they would do that.

And if the vacuum explodes, it is called a black hole.

The town is accessible by rail.

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I'd prefer to die rather than see you crying.

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She's just started for your house.